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Introducing the newest addition to the Smart-Dig production line - the HX-2100 Hydro Excavation Trailer.

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    The SMART-DIG™ HX-4000 has been extensively researched and developed for operation in the toughest conditions. The HX-4000 includes some innovations not seen before on hydro-excavators. Each machine is built to the highest possible standards by a team of qualified engineers.

    The HX-4000 is a light weight compact machine featuring, a large load capacity of 5m3, top of the range vacuum pump, long reach extending boom, full remote hydraulics and much more. Unique to SMART-DIG™, our machines are fitted with twin water blaster pumps allowing two men digging simultaneously thus increasing productivity. The second water blast pump’s pressure may be dialed up or down allowing lower pressures required for digging around tree roots.

    From our extensive experience in hydro excavation the HX-4000 is fitted with a 6” suction hose thus reducing blockages but still allowing the operator to adapt down to 4” when required. Suction tubes and hose have no in line restrictions also reducing blockages therefore increasing productivity.The 6” 3000cfm Roots blower combined with twin dig capability instantly reduces dig times and onsite cost.

    All components used have been specifically chosen to maximize performance and their operating life cycle resulting in increased machine uptime and reduced operating costs.

    Check out the In-Stock Equipment page to see Smart-Dig hydro-excavators available for immediate delivery.


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    Truck - Freightliner M2 106 Day CabCUM ISC-300 300 HP / 2000 RPM: 2200 GOV - Allison 3000 RDS Automatic Transmission.
    Engine (Auxiliary)KUBOTA V3600T, 83 HP @2600 RPM.
    BlowerTUTHILL, 6015 blower, 14 in Hg, 1000 CFM @ 1750 RPM, 1300 CFM @ 2300 RPM
    Engine / Blower Frame MountFull rigid sub-frame, 4 point mounted to the chassis using directional rubber mountings give low vibration and noise.
    Blower Exhaust / SilencerThe silencer has been designed to absorb / reduce expelled noise to a minimum.
    CouplingCENTA direct coupled.
    Debris Tank1200 gallon capacity tipping to 48 degrees - full door shielded for liquid containment when opening the door. Vacuum tested to 20 inHg (tested to over 1.5 times set operating vacuum).
    Water Tanks4 side mounted rotary molded tanks with combined capacity of 400 gallons of water. Fill method via 3" Camlock (standpipe) or hose. Tanks are fully vented with top access points for inspection.
    BoomFully hydraulic - 270 degrees rotation, 25 degrees up 25 degrees down from horizontal. Power extendable to give a 31 foot working range. Boom carries 2 mounted work spotlights.
    Water Blast Pump - Engine DrivenEngine Driven - UDOR GD7.0 /30 7 gallons/Min 2 3000 psi. The pump is driven via an electro-magnetic clutch allowing the pump to be disengaged if required during vacuuming.
    Water FiltersInline 80g stainless steel strainer + 1x50 micron 10" pleated cartridge element filter.
    Hose ReelRetractable hose reel, with 50 feet of 3/8' high pressure hose attached.
    Hydraulic SystemAll hydraulics are via the engine driven pump.
    DoorHydraulic lift to 90 degrees. Two point auto-hydraulic locking, adjustable lock plates to ensure maximum door sealing. Sight glass to show level of debris / liquid.
    Vacuum Discharge Filters4 x PTFE coated pleated filters (washable). Full flow at 2200 cfm, housed in a .75 cubic meter drop box.
    Main Dig Hose5" rubber hose with over-centre clamp-lock fitting.
    Suction Hose30 feet of 4' hose is stored and carried for extendable access for digging.
    Vacuum ReleaseAutomatic vacuum release vents the system under emergency stop conditions.
    Main Tank Full Auto-ShutoffInternal stainless steel float ball and seal automatically shuts of vacuum when full preventing debris or liquid carry-over to the filter system.
    Tank Level IndicatorTank side mounted for visual indication or debris tank level.
    Remote ControlA multi-function wireless remote allows the operator full control of engine, boom and vacuum operation during the work cycle.
    EnclosureEnclosure incorporating engine, blower, filter unit, silencer and storage area. Roller doors fitted to allow access from both sides.
    Accessories IncludedDigging wand and head.
    Options400,000BTU AquaBlast diesel fired hot water.

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    All-Steel Construction
    Our tanks are built using 1/4" A36 mild steel. Compared to aluminum, steel is three times as strong and lasts roughly twice as long when in constant contact with liquid waste. In addition to durability, steel is much more affordable. The short-term and long-term benefits of our steel tanks make them the right equipment choice for the growth and success of your business.
    World-Class Components
    For starters, we manufacture our hose trays to be completely detachable. This allows them simply be replaced (without disturbing the tank) should they incur any damage. Our heads are manufactured in-house, which allows for expanded customization and lower cost to our customers. Our primary component and part manufacturers have 30+ years of experience in the industry. These components are made from the highest-quality materials with the most up-to-date technology.
    Signature Paint Shop & Vinyl Graphics
    To prepare the tank for the paint stage, we first phosphatize the surface of the tank to help prevent against rust and corrosion. The tank then undergoes a thorough cleaning. Next, we double-coat the tank with two-part epoxy primer, followed by two coats of urethane paint. We also offer extensive color options and paint schemes. Ask our sales department about a custom vinyl graphic design.

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