Hertell Vacuum Pumps by LMT
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    LMT is the exclusive U.S. retailer for the Spanish-built Hertell brand vacuum pump line. For model specifications and purchasing, please visit our online store. Go >>

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    Hertell B-Series pumps are rotary vane vacuum pumps designed for a use in a variety of vacuum systems.

    Common uses of the B-Series include:
        • Portable Toilet Service
        • Grease Collection
        • Septic System Service
        • Laboratory & Shop Applications
        • Dairy Operations

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    The KD Vacuum Pump is a rotary vane pump for use with medium to large sized vacuum tanks. The compact design allows:

    • Reduced noise level
    • Safer operation
    • All the pumps of the KD series share many of the same parts

    Each KD pump is available in a KDP version suitable for direct drive.
  • KD 14000

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    KD-14000 is a water-cooled vacuum pump with gearbox for 540 or 1000 rpm for drive (DIN 9611 1"3/8). These pumps are designed for hydraulic drive as well.

    These water-cooled vacuum pumps are designed to be installed on large volume tanks or any application with long vacuum and pressure operation times.

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    HERTELL S.COOP. is a division of the MONDRAGON CORPORATION, a Spanish cooperative corporation.

    HERTELL manufactures and sells components for industrial and agricultural vacuum systems, specializing in rotary vane vacuum pumps.

    HERTELL was created in the late 1950s in the town of Tolosa, Spain. HERTELL began as a manufacturer of special equipment and tools for the agriculture industry. In 1979 the Company became a Cooperative and moved to the town of Ikaztegieta focusing its activities on vacuum equipment.