PT Series - Portable Sanitation Vacuum Tanks
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    Standard double-compartment 1/4" carbon steel vacuum tank fully equipped for portable sanitation service. PT Series tanks are available with a wide variety of options and customization.

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    Double-Compartment 1/4" A36 Carbon Steel Vacuum Tank (split to customer specs)

    One (1) Standard Internal Anti-Surge Baffle

    Full-Length Detachable Hose Trays constructed with 12 Ga. A36 Carbon Steel

    Full-Length Rails constructed with 1/4" A36 Carbon Steel (available straight or tapered)

    Primary Shutoff: 12" Low-Profile, 1/4" Carbon Steel

    Secondary Shutoff: 10 Gallon, 1/4" Carbon Steel

    Top Manway: 20"W x 12" Neck, 1/4" Carbon Steel, 6 Wing Nut

    Rear Manway: 20"W x 12" Neck, 1/4" Carbon Steel, 5 Wing Nut

    Rear Hose Hangers, 12"

    Three (3) 5" Steel Sight Eyes

    LED Work Light Kit

    Standard Tail Light Kit

    Discharge: 4" Nipple w/ Brass Lever Valve & Aluminum Camlock Fittings

    Inlet: 3" Nipple w/ Brass Lever Valve & Aluminum Camlock Fittings

    Fresh Fill: 3" Nipple w/ 90° Elbow

    Bumble Bee Suction Hose: 2" x 25' with 2" PVC Wand & Ball Valve

    4.5" Standard Vacuum/Pressure Gauge

    1.5" Brass Vacuum & Pressure Relief Valves

    Chassis Mounting Kit

    Bright White Urethane Paint
    (additional color options available)
    Slide-In Style
    Double Compartment 3/16" A36 Carbon Steel Vacuum Tank (split to customer specs)
    2" Bumble Bee Suction Hose (25')
    2" PVC Wand
    3" Fill Nipple - Top Mounted
    3" Elbow
    3" Camlock Fitting w/ 3" to 2" Reducer
    (2) 2" Plastic Sight Eyes (Water Comp.)
    (2) 5" Steel Sight Eyes (Waste)
    6" Primary Shutoff w/ 3" Opening
    2" Plastic Secondary Shutoff, 247 CFM Rating
    2" Vertical Oil Catch Muffler, 130 CFM
    1.5" Brass Pressure Relief Valve, 230 CFM
    1.5" Brass Vacuum Relief Valve, 370 CFM
    4.5" Standard Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
    1" Brass Ball Valve - Bucket Fill
    3" Brass Lever Valve - Discharge
    Bright White Urethane Paint
    (additional colors available)

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    Vacuum Pump System (mounted & tested)

    Full-Open Rear Door with Hydraulic Hoist & Door-Lift System

    Sight Tube or Load Level Indicator (mechanical or electronic)

    25" & 36" Manways

    Stainless Steel Heated Valve Collars

    Front Load Valve

    Hot-Dip Galvanizing

    Rhino Lining

    Aluminum Tank & Hose Tray Protection

    Internal Epoxy Coating

    Custom Paint Design

    Custom Vinyl Decals (Logo, Contact Info & Complimentary Art)

    * Other options available. Please contact our sales department regarding availability.


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    All-Steel Construction
    Our tanks are built using 1/4" A36 mild steel. Compared to aluminum, steel is three times as strong and lasts roughly twice as long when in constant contact with liquid waste. In addition to durability, steel is much more affordable. The short-term and long-term benefits of our steel tanks make them the right equipment choice for the growth and success of your business.
    Superior Welding
    Our welding techniques give you the confidence you will need in your tank to hold up under tough pumping conditions. We off-set our cans which reinforces the seems of the tank. We then submerge arc weld the seems for a strong, smooth seal. All tanks components are internally and externally welded to ensure stability. Our rails are externally welded 100% and internally stitch-welded for added strength.
    World-Class Components
    For starters, we manufacture our hose trays to be completely detachable. This allows them simply be replaced (without disturbing the tank) should they incur any damage. Our heads are manufactured in-house, which allows for expanded customization and lower cost to our customers. Our primary component and part manufacturers have 30+ years of experience in the industry. These components are made from the highest-quality materials with the most up-to-date technology.
    Signature Paint Shop & Vinyl Graphics
    To prepare the tank for the paint stage, we first phosphatize the surface of the tank to help prevent against rust and corrosion. The tank then undergoes a thorough cleaning. Next, we double-coat the tank with two-part epoxy primer, followed by two coats of urethane paint. We also offer extensive color options and paint schemes. Ask our sales department about a custom vinyl graphic design.

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